dijous, de novembre 30, 2006

She comes from far away

but now she is near

Her smile is wide and open

but her eyes are far

far away

She comes walking strong

all through her story

She laughs and dances

all around the city

the crazy city

She has long legs

long hair

and long journey

in her backpack

She wants to go further?

Or maybe she's just trying

to find a place for her feet

for her story

She lives with a smile

but her eyes are far away

She remembers drums,


and tears

Her eyes

made of sea and sky

sometimes spark

with stars


about questions

with no response

Now i'm walking

alongside to her

I watch her eyes

I dive in them

and dream about

laughter, sorrow

fear and hope

I take her hand

I kiss her neck

I touch her hair

But her eyes are far

far away

I just can dive

and dream

and i dive

in sorrow, laughter

hope and fear

But I must continue walking

I must dive again

I must travel

and fight

so that I don't


in her eyes

so far

so deep

so alive

so asleep

That's life

That's her story

I swim near

her island

I live in her island

I love her island

But her eyes

are so far

so so far

Life is so far

Dreams are so near

Hope is so strong

Confidence in an earthquake

Faith in a jungle

But we must prevail

We must survive

Life is alive

Her eyes

are the same eyes

So far

So near

Like fire and water

Like night and day

Her heart is plenty

of light

and darkness

So far

So near

We must survive

in this city

in this jungle

Kissing her eyes

So far

so far away

and so near

so so near

In a dark but plenty of sun day of CaracasAt the fall of november 2006